Spring Session: January 7-June 22, 2019

(Must be in ballet to participate in Modern/Lyrical & have at least 2 yrs dance experience.)

January schedule will stay the same with a few minor changes which are listed as of now. Not all classes will have space; however, there are many that will have openings. Check with us the second week of December to register for a class beginning in January. There will be prep classes during the first week of January for those who are beginners or are moving up levels.

Register Online (January 2019)

PB - Patty AA - Angelli MA - Monique TM/BF - Tori/Bailey PF - Pam ED - Elizabeth
NW - Neriah AT - Alexis SR - Sabrina | PO - Paula Ortega

Studio A
Studio B
Studio C

4-5:00: Company Ballet 9y+, PB
5-6:00: Company Ballet 11y+, PB
6-7:00: Company Jazz 13y+, PB
7-7:45: Company Tap 13y+, AT
7:45-8:30: Adv Jazz/HH 13y+, AT

4-5:00: Company Jazz 11y+, AT
5-5:45: Company Jazz 9y+, AT
5:45-6:30: Company Tap 9y+, AT
6:30-7:15: Int/Adv. Tumbling 6-8y, PO/MA
7:15-8:00: Int/Adv. Tumbling 9y+, PO/MA

4:15-5:00: Pizzazz Jazz, PF
5-5:45: Pizzazz Tap, PF
6-6:45: Company Tap 11y+, PF

4-5:00: Int. Ballet 9-12y, PB
5-6:00: Int Ballet 12y+, PB
6-7:00: Int Ballet/Tap 5-6y, TM/BF
7-8:15: Int Ballet/Tap 7-8y, TM/BF
7:30-8:15: Beg/Int Lyrical 9y+, NW

4-5:00: Kinderhop/Tumbling 4-6y, PF/MA
5:15-6:00: Int Tap 9y+, NW
6-6:45: Int. Jazz 9y+, MA
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv Jazz 11y+, AT

4:15-5:00 Beg. Lyrical 9+, NW (begins in January)
5:15-6: Leap'n'Learn Ballet 3y, PF
6-6:45: Int/Adv. Tap 11y+, AT/JA
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv. Culture Fusion Jazz 9+, MA

4-4:45: Int Ballet 7-8y, PB
5-6:00: Adv Ballet 14y+, PB
6-6:45: Beg/Int Point 13y+, PB
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv Point, PB

4-5:00: Leap'n'Learn/Tap Beg 5-6y, MA
5-5:45: Beg/Int. Jazz & Hip-Hop 8y+, AT
6-7:00: Teen/Adult Jazz & Hip-Hop, AT
7-7:45: Teen/Adult Ballet, ED

4-4:45: Leap'n'Learn Ballet 3y, PF
4:45-5:30: Int. Lean'n'Learn Ballet 4-5y, PF
5:30-6:30: Int Ballet 5-6y, ED

4-4:45: Beg/Int Modern 11y+, PB
4:45-5:45: Adv. Ballet 14y+, PB
5:45-6:45: Int Ballet 9y+, PB
6:45-7:30: Adv. Lyrical/Modern 13y+, PB

4-5:00: Leap'n'Learn Ballet/Tap Combo 5-6y, PF
5-5:45: Beg/Int Tumbling 6-8y, PF/MA
5:45-6:30: Kinderhop/Tumbling 4-5y, MA
6:45-7:30: Beg/Int Tumbling 9y+, MA

4:15-5:00: Int. Jazz 6-8y, AT
5-6:00: Int/Adv Jazz, Technique only, AT
6-7:00: Beg. Ballet/Tap 7-8y, AT

4-4:45: Beg Ballet 9y+, BF
4:45-5:30: Beg Tap 9y+, BF
5:30-6:15: Beg Jazz 9y+, AA
6:30-7:15: Int/Adv Contemporary 13y+, AA

4-5:00: Jazz/Hip-Hop/Tumbling 6-8y, PF
5-6:00: Beg/Int. Ballet & Tap 5-6y, NW
6-7:15: Beg/Int. Ballet & Tap 7-8y, NW

4:15-5:00: Leap'n'Learn Int. 4y, JM/TM
5:15-6:15: Beg. Leap'n'Learn Ballet/Tap 3.5-4y, TM/PF
9:45-10:30: Junior Rosebud Company, PB
10:30-11:15: Senior Rosebud Company, PB
9-9:45: Praise Dance 9y+, PF
Saturday tumbling classes will be rerouted to weekday classes.