Spring Session: January 7-June 22, 2019

(Must be in ballet to participate in Modern/Lyrical & have at least 2 yrs dance experience.)

January schedule will stay the same with a few minor changes which are listed as of now. Not all classes will have space; however, there are many that will have openings. Check with us the second week of December to register for a class beginning in January. There will be prep classes during the first week of January for those who are beginners or are moving up levels.

Let us know in November if you plan on making changes to your schedule so we know how much room we have in each class.

PB - Patty AA - Angelli MA - Monique TM/BF - Tori/Bailey PF - Pam ED - Elizabeth
NW - Neriah AT - Alexis SR - Sabrina | PO - Paula Ortega

Studio A
Studio B
Studio C

4-5:00: Company Ballet 9y+, PB
5-6:00: Company Ballet 11y+, PB
6-7:00: Company Jazz 13y+, PB
7-7:45: Company Tap 13y+, AT
7:45-8:30: Adv Jazz/HH 13y+, AT

4-5:00: Company Jazz 11y+, AT
5-5:45: Company Jazz 9y+, AT
5:45-6:30: Company Tap 9y+, AT
6:30-7:15: Int/Adv. Tumbling 6-8y, PO/MA
7:15-8:00: Int/Adv. Tumbling 9y+, PO/MA

4:15-5:00: Pizzazz Jazz, PF
5-5:45: Pizzazz Tap, PF
6-6:45: Company Tap 11y+, PF

4-5:00: Int. Ballet 9-12y, PB
5-6:00: Int Ballet 12y+, PB
6-7:00: Int Ballet/Tap 5-6y, TM/BF
7-8:15: Int Ballet/Tap 7-8y, TM/BF
7:30-8:15: Beg/Int Lyrical 9y+, NW

4-5:00: Kinderhop/Tumbling 4-6y, PF/MA
5:15-6:00: Int Tap 9y+, NW
6-6:45: Int. Jazz 9y+, MA
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv Jazz 11y+, AT

4:15-5:00 Beg. Lyrical 9+, NW (begins in January)
5:15-6: Leap'n'Learn Ballet 3y, PF
6-6:45: Int/Adv. Tap 11y+, AT/JA
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv. Culture Fusion Jazz 9+, MA

4-4:45: Int Ballet 7-8y, PB
5-6:00: Adv Ballet 14y+, PB
6-6:45: Beg/Int Point 13y+, PB
6:45-7:30: Int/Adv Point, PB

4-5:00: Leap'n'Learn/Tap Beg 5-6y, MA
5-5:45: Beg/Int. Jazz & Hip-Hop 8y+, AT
6-7:00: Teen/Adult Jazz & Hip-Hop, AT
7-7:45: Teen/Adult Ballet, ED

4-4:45: Leap'n'Learn Ballet 3y, PF
4:45-5:30: Int. Lean'n'Learn Ballet 4-5y, PF
5:30-6:30: Int Ballet 5-6y, ED

4-4:45: Beg/Int Modern 11y+, PB
4:45-5:45: Adv. Ballet 14y+, PB
5:45-6:45: Int Ballet 9y+, PB
6:45-7:30: Adv. Lyrical/Modern 13y+, PB

4-5:00: Leap'n'Learn Ballet/Tap Combo 5-6y, PF
5-5:45: Beg/Int Tumbling 6-8y, PF/MA
5:45-6:30: Kinderhop/Tumbling 4-5y, MA
6:45-7:30: Beg/Int Tumbling 9y+, MA

4:15-5:00: Int. Jazz 6-8y, AT
5-6:00: Int/Adv Jazz, Technique only, AT
6-7:00: Beg. Ballet/Tap 7-8y, AT

4-4:45: Beg Ballet 9y+, BF
4:45-5:30: Beg Tap 9y+, BF
5:30-6:15: Beg Jazz 9y+, AA
6:30-7:15: Int/Adv Contemporary 13y+, AA

4-5:00: Jazz/Hip-Hop/Tumbling 6-8y, PF
5-6:00: Beg/Int. Ballet & Tap 5-6y, NW
6-7:15: Beg/Int. Ballet & Tap 7-8y, NW

4:15-5:00: Leap'n'Learn Int. 4y, JM/TM
5:15-6:15: Beg. Leap'n'Learn Ballet/Tap 3.5-4y, TM/PF
9:45-10:30: Junior Rosebud Company, PB
10:30-11:15: Senior Rosebud Company, PB
9-9:45: Praise Dance 9y+, PF
Saturday tumbling classes will be rerouted to weekday classes.