Spring Break Week Schedule

Due to two of our larger school districts on spring break next week we are going to consolidate a few of our smaller classes.


  • All regular classes.


  • Pam’s 4:15 Kinderhop will join Monday’s class at 4:00.
  • Monique’s 6:45 Jazz will join the Tuesday 5:45 class at 6:00pm and will be meeting in studio A.
  • Sabrina’s Jazz class will be meeting in studio C.


  • Elizabeth’s Tap class at 5:00 will be meeting on Friday at 4:45 for this week (no wed class)


  • Tori’s 4:00 class will be meeting with Tuesday’s 5:45 for this week (no Thursday class)
  • Monique’s 5:00 hip hop/jazz class will meet at 4:00 this week


  • Angeli’s 4:00 Creative dance will meet on Wednesday at 4:00 (no Friday class)
  • Monique’s 5:30 hip hop/jazz will meet on Thursday at 4:00 (all cheetah girls classes together)

All other classes meet as usual.