Due to the very high heat in Porterville this week, our classes will be rearranged. It is too hot in the studio! Instead, we will practice at the Buck Schaffer Auditorium. PLEASE TAKE NOTE:

All Tuesday Classes Cancelled (redirected — see below)

Wednesday at Auditorium:
4:00 Kinderhop/Tumbling Wed 4:00/Thurs 5:15 class (Hooked on Classics)
4:15 Good Ship Lollipop classes Wed 4:00/Tues 5:45
4:20 Patty’s Ballet Classes Wed 4:00/Tues 4:00/Tues. 5:00 (colorstorm,Plates, Villagers)
5:00 Darcy’s Bats and Charleston Tues 4:00/Friday 4:45
5:15 Pam and Darcy’s Tap classes Wed 4:45/Tues 6:45 (1950’s mix)
5:30 Elizabeth’s Owls Wed 5:15
6:00 Pam’s Tap and Neriah’s Ballet – Tues 6:15 (Roses)
6:20 Neriah’s Lyrical Tues 7:15

Thursday at the Auditorium:
4:30 Patty’s Ballet Thursday 4:00/Th 4:45 (Deer, Candles)
4:45 Darcy’s Thurs 4:15 Tap/Ballet class (Spoons, Step in Time)
5:15 Pam’s Wed 5:15 and Thurs.4:00 Combined (Bakers)
5:30 Darcy and Dyana’s HH Tues 5:30/Thurs 5:15 (fresh Prince)
5:45 Darcy’s Tues 5:00 Tap (We will Rock you)
6:00 Darcy and Pam’s Tues 4:00/Thurs. 6:00 This Land and Sheep

All other classes meet at the already-planned rehearsal times.


Our year is winding down, with Recitals just next weekend! 

Variety Recital Friday, June 23 — Rehearsal for 8 and under is 9:00 am at the auditorium, full costume.

Rehearsal for 9 and up starts at 11:00 am, full dress rehearsal.

All dancers should be at auditorium at 6:00 pm.


Beauty and the Beast Ballet Recital, June 24 — All dancers rehearsal that morning at 9:00 am, full costume.

And again, all dancers should be at auditorium  that evening at 6:00pm


There is a list of our dancers who still have balances owed for their tuition.

If you have not yet received recital tickets, please see me in the office. It probably means you aren’t paid up on tuition and/or recital fees. Tuition and recital fee must be paid in order to perform in the recital.


Performing Group Audition (July 8 date) has been cancelled.

Performing Groups for next year will be by Invitation only. We will be looking at dancers’ skill, memory (learning the dances quickly), attendance, and classroom behavior.


Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful Dance Year! We love being a part of Porterville’s community, and are thankful for all of our dancers!




Picture schedule for May 22-26:



4:00 Pizzazz & Elem Jazz Bugle Boy

4:10 Jr. Ballet Napkins

4:20 Mini Rosebuds Teacups

4:30 Elementary Tap Ragtime

4:40 Rosebud Whole Group

4:50 Elementary Ballet Cupcakes

5:00 Jr. Ballet Wolves

5:10 Pizzazz Tap 70’s

5:20 Sr. Tap In the Mood

5:30 Jr. Jazz Hand Jive

5:40 Sr. Jazz We Go Together

5:50  Jr. Tap Sold

6:00 Beg. Modern Bohemian Rhapsody

7:00 Teen Ballet Snow

7:15 Sr. Jazz Secret Dance



4:10 Tap Charleston

4:20 Tap This Land is Your Land

4:30 Ballet Plates

4:40 Ballet Bats

4:40 Ballet Sheep

5:00 Ballet Villagers

5:10 Tap We Will Rock You

5:20 Cave Men

5:30 Hip Hop Prince of Bel Aire

5:45 Tap Good Ship Lollipop *Tues & Wed classes combined

6:00 Tap Can Can Dancers

6:10 Ballet Bunnies *Tues & Wed classes combined

6:20 Ballet Rose Petals

6:45 Jazz Another One Bites the Dust

6:50 Tap 60’s Swing

7:00 1950’s Tap

7:15 Lyrical What a Wonderful World

7:30 Hip Hop Boys 2 Men



4:30 HH/Tumble Classics

4:40 Ballet Magic Color Storm

5:00 Tap 1950’s

5:20 Ballet Owls

5:30 Ballet Leads

6:00 Tap All Summer Long

6:10 Pointe Industrial Revolution

6:20 Ballet Dandelions

6:45 Pointe We Dance

7:00 Lyrical Wind Beneath My Wings



4:10 Ballet Deer

4:20 Tap No Business Like Show Business *Wed & Thurs classes combined

4:30 Ballet Spoons

4:40 Ballet Bakers  *Wed & Thurs classes combined

4:50 Tap Step in Time

5:00 Ballet Candles

5:15 HH/Tumble Classics

5:25 Hip Hop Prince of Bel Aire

5:30 Lyrical Titanic

6:00 Tap This Land is Your Land

6:15 Tumbling Rolling on the River

6:20 Modern Alive

6:25 Ballet Sheep

7:00 Tumbling Thriller * Both combined

7:15 Adv Modern Fix Me Jesus



4:15 Ballet Trees

4:30 Cavemen (Fri 10 am class)

4:45 Hip Hop Girls Just Want…

5:00 Hip Hop Can’t Touch This

5:10 Ballet Bats

5:20 Hip Hop How Will I know

5:30 Praise Dance IF you Want To Steal My Show

5:40 Contemp Jazz


As you have noticed, we have sent costumes home with dancers this week.

IF you have not received your costumes yet, please check in the office to make sure your tuition is paid up through April.

Remember, Pictures are the week of May 22-26 during normal class times.

Picture Week

Picture week has been rescheduled —

It is now the week of May 22 – 26 during regular class times

Saturday Rosebud classes will take their pictures on Monday. All Leads will be on Wednesday.


We are opening up some NEW CLASSES

that will go through June!


Saturdays 10:45 am Jazz/Ballet/Tumbling for ages 6-10 —-  $10 per class

Wednesdays 10:00 am Creative Dance (Pre-Ballet)/ Kinderhop/ Tumbling for ages 3-5 yrs — $45 per month

ONE TIME CLASS April 21 6:30-7:30 pm Just Dance/Tumbling for ages 8 + — $10

Now Registering!

Kids Fest

We have been invited to perform some dances at the Kids Fest this year!

It will be on April 1 at the Sports Complex, and our dance time is 12:30.

The following classes will perform their dances:

Tuesday 5:10 / Friday 10 am Creative Dance
Tuesday 5:30 hip hop/Jazz (teacher Dyana)
Tuesday 7:30 hip hop (teacher Sabrina)
Thurs 5:15 hip hop/jazz (teacher Darcy)
Friday 4:00 hh/j (teacher Dyana)
Friday 4:45 hh/j (teacher Dyana)
Friday 4:45 hh/j (teacher Angelli)

If your dancer is in one of these classes, make sure they practice, practice, practice!

Spring 2017 for DDW

This Spring finds us at Deenie’s Dance Workshop BUSY! Not only in choreographing and teaching all our Recital dances, and trying on costumes when they come in, but also with a good lineup of Events we are participating in! Mark your calendars:


This Saturday night our Senior Rosebud and our Tap Duo will be in the City of Hope Spectacular at the Porterville Buck Schaffer Memorial Auditorium 7:00 pm. Tickets are $10. There is a lot of spectacular talent here in Porterville performing for you – this is always a great show.

MARCH 2  –

Some of our Preschoolers are performing at the Strathmore Memorial Building for a Women’s Event at 12:30

Classes performing are Tuesday 5:10 / Friday 10:00 Caveman Dance

Tuesday 5:45 / Wed 4:00 Good Ship Lollipop

Wednesday 5:15 (with Miss D)


Our Performing Groups (Monday’s classes) will be performing at Knott’s Berry Farm at 11:30 on the Calico Stage.


MAY 17-21 

Porterville Fair. One of these days we will choose to perform several Hip Hop dances. Stay tuned!


Here we will honor all of our 5, 10, and 15 year students, TAs and Seniors.

This will be a Potluck style Banquet. Last names beginning A-M bring main or side dish; Last names beginning N-Z bring dessert. Students are encouraged to invite any/all family members who would like to celebrate their achievements! 

7:00 pm, tentatively at Monache High School.

We have a list up in the studio of 5, 10, and 15 year students. Please check it over and make sure your dancer (if applicable) is on the list.


10:30-12:30 we have the City Pool (at Murray Park). Come out and enjoy a cool morning! Free for all dancers and their immediate family.


Please plan on being here this week. Class pictures will be taken during normal class time. All costumes and accessories (tights and shoes) and hair and makeup.

Watch for Rhythm and Works classes coming soon. This is simple Hip Hop designed for Special Needs kids ages 6 +. Call if you are interested! 781-2158